Talibans everywhere?

I'm getting a feeling that what the troops learn in Afghanistan, counter insurgency or COIN, might come in handy closer to home?

What takes place on Jamaica where a drug lord that has built his empire among the poor is to be extradited is worrisome. The troops end up fighting a war like scenario. There are reports that poor people are willing to die for Mr. Coke.

Here in Sweden a due witness in a court proceeding against the group Black Cobra was shot in the leg which might mean that this was an attempt to silence this witness? The Taliban are doing something similar. They are executing village elders that has been ollaborating with the coalition troops to prevent the due course of COIN.

Then America has its neighbour Mexico close by where a fierce fight constantly takes place and where apparently drug lords build societies like the one in Jamaica.

Returning to Sweden I am getting threats for mutilations and loss of hair and hearing via all kinds of channels from a mafia of sorts that keeps me prisoner.

A simple question is what is all this leading to? Fredrik Reinfeldt says on DN.se that parents should take good care of their children because it is very tough to grow up in Sweden right now. Are parents loosing their chilldren to the mafia? All this mobbing in the shools?

I was once asked by my wife to lie down in bed with my son when he was going to sleep. My son said all of a sudden: "You can go now" as if someone had told him in his ear? Later in life I lost contact with my son. He did not want to interact with me anymore.

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