Memorial Day

A day like this when suicide bomb types have caused a major and tragic debacle in the sea outside Gaza, it might sound excentric to celebrate Memorial Day. As I earlier discussed, however, I am grateful to the service men and women that have helped secure this thus rather peaceful corner of the Earth and I'm proud of the Swedish soldiers that help out in Afghanistan.

Showing empathy for the Israelis a day like this when we clearly see what a hostile environment they are immersed in, stresses how fortunate we are in Sweden and how grateful we should be. Sometimes I wonder if the hate displayed against Israel is not partly anti-Americanism in disguise?

Turkey seemingly is becoming a problem in the region. People there made a run on an Israeli consulate. Despite being a NATO member, the Turkish people do not look favorably on the US according to a recent Gallup poll. Their problem with Israel has also increased lately. I wondered a while ago which way power went between the friends Iran and Turkey. It seems unfortunately like Turkey is copying the proxy mode of fighting Israel that Iran has used via Hamas and Hizbollah.

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