I’ve found God, says man who cracked the genome - Times Online: "Among Collins’s most controversial beliefs is that of “theistic evolution”, which claims natural selection is the tool that God chose to create man. In his version of the theory, he argues that man will not evolve further."

Francis Collins is the man who took over the Human Genome Project from the legendary James Watson, the man who cracked the DNA helix, and proceeded to crack the human genome in 2001. His Christian View is authoritative among many scientists who tries to fuse the supernatural and the natural worlds. As I detailed elsewhere, I removed the supernatural world and settled with materialistic pantheism instead.

Collins published the book The Language of God, which the article is about. Materialistic pantheism also think the DNA is the language of God. However, our thoughts are another code that also is influenced by the environment and therefore not directly stemming from the DNA. This code has since the beginning of historic time, some 5,000 years ago, begun to evolve at a faster rate.

Apparently Collins does not believe we will evolve further. It is possible that we will not evolve genetically but the other newer evolution will in all probability lead to new vistas. The most direct way of thinking of this new world would be if computers were made to think creatively.

Even if this evolution of the thought domain will not result in fruition, I see no reason to not believe "evolution" will not continue. Materia always existed, then biological tissue, then thoughts and then whatever.

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