The Melting Pot?

Rättsförakt i mångkulturens namn Brännpunkt SvD: "Sayed utgår från att Sverige är mångkulturellt och drar slutsatsen att vi därför måste släppa in sharialagar i svensk rättskipning."

Does culture involve legalities? In Sweden we have a legal code that is supposed to be valid for everyone. At the same time there are, I will call them systems, of people that come together under certain principles and rules, not necessarily the same as those of the legal code. There are Jews, Catholics and all kinds of constellations. And then there are of course Muslims.

If I am not mistaken, Jews and Catholics don't insist on changing the Swedish law code. Catholics cannot change the abortion law for example. They are against abortion when the Swedish law code allows it. But a woman that has made an abortion is excluded from the weekly sermon community. A punishment not prescribed by the Swedish law code.

Equality before the law involves a single law code. In theory then having a Swedish law code means that there is a society, outside the system, to which the individual can move should they feel sufficiently suppressed. In practise, however, this often means loosing all relatives and friends.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Muslims are not unique in this respect. The question is whether or not people should be allowed to form systems of people. In an enlightened society this must be allowed. Therefore I don't understand why Mr Sayed wants to merge sharia and the Swedish law.

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