Dick Erixon — I hjärtat rebell: "Sveriges Radios vetenskapsredaktion rapporterade nyligen om ny forskning i USA som visar att viljan till jämlikhet är biologiskt inprogrammerad i våra hjärnor. “Man har hittat ett fynd i hjärnan som tyder på att det finns ett basalt, inkodat motstånd mot ojämlika fördelningar, i det här fallet pengar”, sa Martin Ingvar, professor i neurofysiologi på Karolinska Institutet till Vetenskapsradion."

I should be fairly easy to prove this on people who are jealous. A non virtue character. Is this problem accounted for? Furthermore I don't think you can use the complicated word "jämlikhet" to discuss these data.

It would however be interesting to ask the question if it is possible to divide Alliansen and the Red-Greens into people that are not jealous and jealous, respectively. People differ in the degree to which they are jealous and in all probability this is a genetic trait, although it might be complicated inheritance with many genes involved.

They have had a discussion on SR.se OBS where the leaders of the political youth organizations have discussed the pros and cons of economic equality. If people work and get money for their work it is not the same as tested in the study above. If Bill Gates makes a discovery that many people like, he is not regarded as a person stealing from others. A healthy person rather become impressed.

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