Heja Charlotte Kalla!

I find it very interesting that it is so stimulating when a fellow Swede takes a gold medal in sports. There is a tacit translation in my mind, probably, that makes me think we are good as a group because she is good. Thank you Charlotte Kalla for your pixie dust.

However, this feeling of ours is a problem when it comes to Europe as such. When I first engaged on the EU problem I was directed to an EU web site, Debate Europe, where I quickly learned that there was no EU. We just do business together. I refused to listen, for good reasons, but now I am convinced, we are diverging.

I guess it is time to focus on Brazil and Mexico, although there is very little information about these places for the average Swede. I have said it before, therefore I try to focus on what is interesting for Anglo-American press, even if they apparently are out to destroy the Euro, if I'm to believe the Spanish. There are 600m English speaking individuals. It is a good start and deserves a continuation. So even if the pixie dust still works I'm decidedly Anglo-American.

Paul Krugman on nytimes.com today gives EU the verdict that moving forward would mean further political integration but he immediately claims this is not going to happen any time soon. My current feeling is that this is never going to happen. It will be interesting to see how the ECB will try to prove him wrong.

I guess what I just have been discussed played out here in Sweden recently when the position of EU-minister was up for repossession. Many did not think we needed one. We do and we don't, I guess. We need one for promoting the business. To site a Romanian fellow on Debate Europe: EU is just about economics.

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