The Swift Treaty?

Lena Ek: "Idag har det varit debatt i plenum om Swiftavtalet. I korthet går Swiftavtalet ut på att myndigheter i USA ska fortsätta få tillgång till information om europeiska finansiella transaktioner för att kunna jaga terrorister."

Lena Ek does not like this matter much. Integrity wise. Aftonbladet exposes Fredrik Reinfeldt as an American lackey that organized this deal during last fall.

It is possible to act in solidarity to the Swedish chairmanship and be on Reinfeldt's side but it is also possible to accommodate the US after what Europe did during the Iraq war when our presence had been very important for the outcome of the conflict due to a much more unified pose of the West.

I think we owe it to the Americans to donate a bunch of for us meaningless data on their server. Terrorism is not important in Europe but the 9/11 catastrophe came partly out of Hamburg. And as we saw during the Christmas day debacle in Detroit, terrorism matters greatly still in the US.

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