When governments do not admit that violence is prevalent?

Fredrik Malm: "Jag har skrivit om detta tidigare, och efter Per Gudmundsons ledare i SVD idag, är det nödvändigt att återigen skriva om ämnet. Gudmundson refererar till en intervju med Ilmar Reepalu i Sunday Telegraph. Reepalu fäller i intervjun det smått bisarra yttrandet 'Det har inte förekommit några attacker mot judar, och om judar här vill flytta till Israel är det ingen angelägenhet för Malmö'."

It is very serious when a Mayor is not admitting that there is a problem of violence against a people, in this case Jews. When I wrote in support of the Jewish demonstration for Israel in Malmö that was attacked, I got a snyde comment that this was not a security problem for Sweden as a nation. I cannot disagree more. Looking the other way when violence is executed is always a problem. There are always people that think it might be OK to act in this way if such events are not forcefully denounced.

However, what Ilmar Reepalu might be referring to here is the general situation that he know of violence, for example clandestine violence, that occur which he is referring to as nonexistent. This might actually be a larger problem for Sweden than what the Jews are experiencing.

The Scandinavians are supposedly among the happiest on Earth. I would hate to wake up one day and find out that that is what Scandinavians say, because they don't dare to confront clandestine threats of violence.

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