Politics is more psychology than philosophy

Filosofi har inte med saken att göra Kulturdebatt SvD: "Filosofin bör hållas utanför politikens banaliteter. Detta bör konservativa intellektuella klargöra, skriver Roland Poirier Martinsson i debatten om högerns tankar."

Reading up on the recent debate on right wing political philosophy: Den upplysta konservatismen; Höger i röd kostym; Några förslag för en tänkande höger; Upplysningstiden som (konservativt) ideal; Upplysningens och konservatismens dialektik; Högeridéer missförstås avsiktligt; Högern har fel filosofer; Rätt konservatism, Rätt upplysning.

Well, it is clear from my perspective that political philosophy in fact started, for example Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, in their discussion of state of nature, as evolutionary psychology in its embryonic form. It could then be argued that Magnus Eriksson's article 'Högern har fel filosofer' might instead read 'Högern har inte tagit till sig tillräckligt av psykologin'. Ayn Rand is for example truly dreaful to read for a 'socialliberal' like myself which perhaps could be regarded as center-right.

If the right consider more psychological aspects, they would find that it is not possible with full employment and that all people cannot handle their own situation although evolutionary aspects tell that individualism must be permitted unbound for fastest possible progress. With a development perspective I would argue that science and religion will fuse first. Then they will both fuse with political science. There will however always be art and I sincerely hope that art will be allowed to develop from 'photography' to more experimental vistas.

When political philosophy has become psychology, and social liberalism the center-right, the "högern" is represented by those unwilling to change very much, "det var bättre förr" kind of guys. Such individuals are by definition in my humble experience are politically not very intellectual which is discussed in the articles above.

The center-left starts with the recognition of economical equality and to fill in on Poirier Martinsson's discussion of Johan Norberg's position, I have no idea why Norberg talks about voting for the social democrats.

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Johan sa...

Dear Jan,

I don't think that I have ever talked about voting for the social democrats. I wrote one article where I said that the greens are tempting in some regards, but concluded the article by advising against a vote for them.

Jan Thurin sa...

Sorry, but I have memory of having read something to that matter in your blog. Twice actually. Maybe you were just leaning towards the social democrats.