Govern without Government: Is America heading in the direction of Europe, rather?

75% Are Angry At Government’s Current Policies - Rasmussen Reports™: "The divide between the Political Class and Mainstream voters, however, is remarkable. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of Mainstream voters are angry, but 84% of the Political Class are not. Those numbers include 57% of Mainstream voters who are Very Angry and 51% of the Political Class who are not angry at all."

65% of voters nationwide now hold populist, or Mainstream, views of government. That is up from 62% in November last year and from 55% last March. Göran Hägglund, with his "verklighetens folk" probably sings: wish I was there. Mainstream people tend to trust the wisdom of the crowd. Those who trust the political class are only 4%.

Bettina Bibiano, a 47 year old film maker from Los Angeles, said the Tea Party movement does not need an iconic Obama figure. "It is hard for us to unite behind anyone person," she explained. "We are not a cult." They might however be a cult of the Independence Declaration and the literal interpretation of the Constitution. The Tea Party movement is about 40% so they have plenty of room to grown in the populist domain.

This should be contrasted with all the complaints about non-charismatic EU leader Herman van Rompuy. Is the organization of the EU a step ahead of the Tea Party movement or are we talking about two quite different things?

What I don't understand is the outright quest for equality which differs quite a lot from the acceptance of the successful, the idol of the American dream, someone to rally behind. The American Declaration of Independence says: "We hold these truths for self-evident, that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights". Apparently, at the same time they are against European equality. It is apparently trumped by the Freedom in their rights.

At the same time as the Asians talk about forming a union of Asian nations, with billions of inhabitants, the US is talking about ridding themself of a central authority and Europe in principle going against the Lisbon Treaty leaving the charismatic leader and one phone number aside. Autonomous smaller units seems to be the the solution. Even smaller than the states. No wonder the interest in foreign policy is way down at the same time as states starts to act, France by selling battleships to Russia and Germany by talk of a European Army.

Everything global might take a beating in these circles. This would not be good for global poverty reduction.

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