Is there any similarity with Obama I and George III?

Sarah Palin assails Obama at 'tea party' gathering - Yahoo! News: "Catering to her crowd, Palin talked of limited government, strict adherence to the Constitution, and the 'God-given right' of freedom. She said the 'fresh, young and fragile' movement is the future of American politics because it's 'a ground-up call to action' to both major political parties to change how they do business. 'America is ready for another revolution!' she told the gathering."

When David Brooks wrote of is contempt for the Tea Party movement I called my post The American Revolution 2.0 because it sounded like this. Now Sarah Palin, a perhaps informal leader to this movement, says this herself. It should be noted that they are against both political parties.

At the time of the American Revolution there was a leadership of a few enlightened men and a rabble that set out to defeat the undefeatable. It is apparently the elites of today that seem to be the problem. What I would like to know is whether or not the same people were against George W. Bush? Is it the American Presidency they are out to bring down. They talk presently about not in essence having any leader!? That would make them like the EU.

With the public approval of Congress edging towards a new low of 23.5%, it is conceivable that a complete overhaul of the ruling establishment is being wished for? The Economist is running a new debate where the position of the house is that Obama is failing. The result seems to be that about half of the people think so. However, as the defendant claims people have not yet started to get personal like with George W. Bush who had below 30% approval.

The question I would like to ask the Tea Party movement is whether they are not asking for the return of a lost "way of life"? Fareed Zakaria wrote in his book the Post-American World that American government is outdated. Sarah Palin stand for a very conservative religious world view and makes a point above that it is the God-given rights that matter which seems to rule out that atheists have human rights as indicated by the Independence Declaration.

The question I would like to ask the "elite" is what the replacement of the current American Government should be?

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