As someone said--I was young and very naïve?

Forget Guy Fawkes – remember, remember the Ninth of November for the fall of the Berlin Wall - Telegraph: "Communism took power away from the people, eroding democracy with the promise that the system would improve their quality of life in exchange. It failed dismally. Remember, remember the 9th of November, and remember all the idiots – some now running this country – who supported communism in their youth."

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London is tough to fellow politicians like Peter Mandelson, former EU Commissioner, now Minister of Economics and Alistair Darling, the current Minister of Finance.

I once wrote in a blog post that I had never been a social democrat in Sweden, always voted for the civilists, and took some pride in this. However, the day after Heidi Avellan wrote in Sydsvenska Dagbladet that Winston Churchill had said that if you haven't been a socialist in your youth you had no heart and if you do not become right wing later on you had no mind. I must admit that I was a little struck by this shrewd rhetoric but I have since realized that the right wing is a little social these days as well. At least in Sweden.

Is it then possible to forgive Jan Guillou for fraternizing with the KGB in his early years. I guess you can forgive but it is more difficult to understand. The KGB was pure filth. CIA on the contrary is an honorable organization.

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