There are those who doubt

Lack of cohesive common policies complicate EU relations with US World Deutsche Welle 02.11.2009: "'This is the classic European approach: we will take the lead, the US will follow and the others will all have to fall into place,' Whitney said. 'Well, the Americans have shown that they're not going to follow, or if they are going to follow they won't go very far and not in the time frames that the Europeans consider necessary. The question is what Europe intends to do when others refuse to follow.'"

Well, Angela Merkel went to Congress and spoke of freedom and of clean air. I liked the freedom talk most. It is important to remember and it is good to see that some people actually got out of the DDR. Concerning the climate change problem, it is the time frame as the citation above indicated that might be a problem. We are not in such a hurry, is my firm belief.

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