JohanNorberg.Net#3386: "Men inget av dessa mål nås av denna energihandel. Gazprom är inte ett vanligt ryskt bolag. Det är ett statsmonopol sammanvuxet med Kreml och befolkat med gamla KGB-män. Putin monterade ned embryot till ett oberoende rättssystem för att skapa dess olje- och gasmonopol."

That is probably perfectly true but if I have understood this correctly it is the wish of Germany that this gas duct is installed. With that point of view it is clear that Germany probably knows what they are doing and that they in principle now is in charge of area security in the east. The Americans seemingly lost interest. This seems perfectly clear from between the lines of recent diplomatic activity, i.e., what the public have been able to see.

I also think there is a point in thinking of Russia as a European country. The selection of an economically oriented foreign minister in Germany probably highlight the business orientation of the relationship between Russia and Germany.

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