Legalization of the procurement of sex?

Fredrick Federley apparently sent in a bill concerning the legalization of buying sex. Since quite a while this is not legal in Sweden due to the so called "Sexköpslagen". Annika Qarlsson, also in Centerpartiet, has a bill on the topic and defends the law.

I have never sold or bought sex myself but I realized that I ought to have an opinion on this subject. Federley points out that it is not good that a law is based on morals only. There should be research. Apparently there is not so much research on this topic.

I guess I'm moral on this one. I don't like prostitution. Never did never will. I don't think it is just another economical transaction. There is for example venereal disease. There is crime. And there are all these considerations of family values and the like where prostitution does not fit in.

One horrible crime that is connected with prostitution is "trafficking". One article I read claimed that Sweden is very low on trafficking and that it probably depended on "Sexköpslagen" and that other countries were interested in the Swedish experience with our law. Germany, on the other hand, is apparently experimenting with areas of free sex procurement that they claim makes it easier to check the trafficking problem.

Annika Qarlsson want to sharpen the punishment stipulated in "Sexköpslagen" and make the sex provider a victim. I don't know, of course, but my guess would be that most prostitutes are victims. I think this sounds reasonable.

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