Is the Green stuff an ideology?

There is a lot being written about the possibility of fusing the Green party with liberal dittos and the question was asked whether this is possible or not.

My question is whether or not the Green initiative really is an ideology or if it is just common sense engineering for not dirtying the environment. Tighten up your house. Don't do unnecessary trips with your car.

A such all parties are green and the Greens are doomed to a rather low percentage fraction of the votership. Other parties, though, seem to be more reasonable as to the tempo of the engineering and thus costs.

Another thought is that some people in a secular society might start treating environmentalism as a religion of sorts rather than a political movement. Especially so, perhaps, when the Churches are moving in with the argument that God said we should take care of our creation.

Since I myself worship Nature as God in Religious Humanism, I would take the opportunity to clarify that this religion does not have anything to do with Japanese Shintoism where objects in Nature have a soul. My God concept is non-personal.

Interestingly, Japanese are very fond of robots, contrary to Christians, and it is believed that this has to do with Shintoism.

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