Why is Centerpartiet bleeding?

”Opinionssiffrorna en tydlig signal från väljarna” Politik Debattämnen Debatt Aftonbladet: "Jag brukar sällan kommentera opinionssiffror. De kan snabbt ändra sig till något helt annat. Men ett stadigvarande tapp i opinionen för centerpartiet är tydligt. Ett parti får de opinionssiffror det förtjänar och den sista tidens siffror är en klar signal från väljarna om en besvikelse över att vi inte längre levererar framtidsdrömmar och liberala reformer som ifrågasätter rådande system."

Fredrik Federley wonders why his party is losing ground. He thinks liberal dreams fuel interest in Centerpartiet. I wonder if this is true? The popular Maria Wetterstrand in the Green party is potentially recruiting center party members that do not like the nuclear power issue. Perhaps this is why Maud Olofsson, less popular than Wetterstrand, tries to be nasty to Vattenfall AB that dares to have a wish on making some money building nuclear power stations in the UK? The greens have indeed gained popularity lately.

Magnus Andersson, the CUF leader writes on his blog in an approximately similar fashion. He says, for example, "you form politics from the need of the people rather than for the need of the political apparatus". However, is the problem not that natural force that by necessity makes small parties smaller in a coalition with a greater party? People tend to vote with the power.

PJ Anders Linder has again brought up the idea of forming an election alliance. But this is of course tactics rather than politics. I have been told that Reinfeldt's popularity is not necessarily going to help in the election because Swedes vote on the party. Is that on ideology? In pragmatism you do what works. "Regeringsduglighet"! The problem with that ideology might be that there is no driver in the system. Today it should be possible to find out whether people like the situation they are in. It should be possible to run experiments where you find out what politics people prefer without people even knowing about it. Maybe the Chinese are doing that currently? They have apparently made a replica of Sigtuna.

That's true. It is different to ask a person their opinion and asking their body of its opinion. Andersson and Federley both think their party would benefit size wise if they verbalize a clear policy and criticize the government. I wish them luck because I will vote for freedom. For the living human being.

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