Money is apparently not an issue?

Merkel to press U.S. on climate in speech to Congress Politics Reuters: "Merkel signaled in a podcast over the weekend that the central theme of her Washington visit would be climate change, describing it as a 'global task we cannot afford to push back.'"

If we can't afford not to spend on climate, the issue in Sweden still becomes which is less expensive: nuclear power or renewables.

I don't know, of course, but I still can't buy into the apparent hysteria on the climate change. I simply don't believe that scientists can accurately predict the temperature rise for 2020 to 2050. What is it, for example, that makes the ice melt up north when the average temperature has fallen recently? We are powerless before a climate change that Nature bestowes on us.

I just hope that Merkel is not trying to talk up climate change in order to get out of Afghanistan. Shame on you Obama! But on the other hand, it is probably wiser to spend the money on the environment rather than on a war. Merkel is probably sensing the European mood correctly.

Article in The New York Times
Article and text of Merkel's speech in Spiegel Online International

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