Nuclear Power???

BBC NEWS UK UK Politics UK to embrace nuclear - Miliband: "Nuclear is a safe, low-carbon option to help tackle climate change, he said.
The Conservatives warned people would not be consulted while pressure groups said nuclear was 'not the answer'."

The UK wants to fast-track a series of new generation nuclear plants for their energy need. Brother David Miliband just visited Russia, perhaps feeling out the possibility of relying on Russian gas in the future, and then comes this message. The first reactors are planned to enter service already 2017. The UK relies a lot on the North Sea gas that is waning and don't have all that hydroelectric power as we have.

"Pressure groups" are perhaps to optimistic over the prospect of solar, wind and bio-smajo. The conclusion also for Sweden is perhaps that the current reactors did not last all the way for replacement with renewables. It would still interest me to know how much more expensive it would be to rely on new nuclear rather than Russian gas? What is the price for this strategic move?

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