The Next Government in the UK?

BBC NEWS UK UK Politics Cameron denies Tory EU 'turmoil': "Mr Cameron, who is due to announce his new policy on Europe at 1600 GMT, said: 'What has happened is that the politicians who run this country have given away a lot of power to Brussels without asking people first. 'I am going to make sure that that never, ever happens again. That's what today is going to be about.'"

Well, this seems to be the general attitude of David Cameron, the shadow prime minister of the UK. After the Irish voted yes to the Lisbon Treaty speculations arose as to the possibility that Vaclav Klaus could delay his signature long enough for the Tories to gain power in the UK next spring. Then they should have insisted on a referendum on the Treaty for the British people. However, they now have to abandon this strategy and will today present a new policy for the EU-UK relation.

This revelation is probably very important for the future of the EU. The Lisbon Treaty makes it possible for a country to exit and there are such voices among the Tories. The question is, of course, if this is realistic. My feeling is that I would not like an EU without Britain. As I earlier suggested we'd rather join the British Commonwealth, which is still resisting decay. The Australians had a referendum for a republic 1999 that went in favor of the Queen.

Cameron is serious, however, because the Tories left the EPP (The European People's Party) in the EU parliament. This was to me an indication of an EU split of severe magnitude, since both Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are in the EPP. It would have been interesting with an EPP and thus an EU parliament with the conservatives of the tree major EU countries in charge with the Lisbon Treaty in place. This would have been maximizing European power and influence. It would have been like "Alliansen" of Europe.

The British still have their Pound and the question is what would happen if they decided to exit the EU. I could imagine that a more formal link to the US of the commonwealth would form instead based on the language and on the culture in general. EU would be different as would the US. If Sweden remained in the EU and joined the euro group they would start to teach their kids in school German again as the first second language as they did prior to World War II. Then English and Chinese. This would demand commitments from the respective countries. There has not been much of this due to a well developed wait-and-see attitude. I'd say the probability for this happening is not that low.

Article in The Guardian concerning what David Cameron said.

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