Guido Westerwelle--German Foreign Minister

German foreign minister calls for Afghan withdrawal plan .:. newkerala.com Online News -151248: "Speaking on ZDF television
, he said, 'In the life of this parliament, we have to get sufficiently far with the concept of self-sustained security that a perspective for withdrawal comes into view.'"

I read an interview by Der Spiegel with Westerwelle where they claimed he was more into economics than foreign policy. Perhaps this is typical for the foreign ministers of today? The national policy is performed with the Chancellor function as with the US and Obama right now. The interview was 2/3 on economy and 1/6 on his homosexuality. The interviewers expected trouble with for example Iran where they dislike homosexuals intensely.

Westerwelle said he was content with the good relationship with France but wanted to work on the Polish. He said that it was important with good relations with neighbours. He did not mention the UK but quoted Churchill at one point "if two people share opinions on all questions, one of them is unnecessary". I guess he intends to have his own opinion relative the Chancellor.

I'm glad Germany has a finite perspective on Afghanistan. As I read the press currently, however, it might turn out to be very difficult to beef up security sufficiently for a withdrawal soon without complications. It seems it is going to be the least bad alternative of two possible: staying or leaving.

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