Some more on Germany and Europe

The European Council on Foreign Relations Germany and Europe: 1989, 2009...2029: "France is no longer the 'indispensable nation' for Germany; Germany industrial companies, for example, prefer to deal directly with their Russian rather than their French counterparts. More broadly, many in Germany believe that the country does not need Europe when it comes to energy-security or policy towards Russia; and do not see that its needs are served by the entry of Balkan states or Turkey to the European Union."

The Swedish social democrats are apparently concerned because the partly state owned power company Vattenfall AB wants to sell their Swedish electricity grid for cash to invest in nuclear power in the United Kingdom. The English are going to make a major investment for the future. Aftonbladet mentions a figure of 50 billion Swedish crowns for the grid. It would of course be very interesting to know who buys the grid and thus provides the cash for UKs energy security? Apparently Vattenfall AB produces 23% of the electricity in Germany. It is the largest electricity distributor in Sweden with 890,000 accounts. There are 170 distributors in Sweden. E.ON, earlier Sydkraft, is German.

Today on the 18.00 Rapport on SVT Maud Olofsson sternly says that there is not going to be any sale of the grid. She does not really say why but site the necessity of a suitable vendor that passes their criteria.

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