Free ride on the virtues of others?

Marginal Revolution: The Fountainhead: "Rand replied that it was on a desert island that ethics was most needed because on a desert island you cannot free ride on the virtues of others; if you are to survive you must yourself exercise the virtues of rationality, independence, and productiveness."

Sitting on an island, which is not deserted, I would like to take this exquisite opportunity to bring up the discussion of how one views the acquisition of information from the internet without contributing to the same. Many people don't blog and the read and take in information. If you blog, then you contribute yourself, even if your contribution might not be so elaborate as the one's you read on the internet.

The whole idea of the blogosphere is that you can benefit from other people's work and that it is possible to cover more terrain than if you simply read a newspaper in the morning yourself. You don't pay for this service for mankind. The online newspapers are trickier since some of them don't like that people read without paying, like The Financial Times. Other's seemingly don't mind but occasionally like to remind readers that they actually want to be reimbursed, despite taking in money on advertising. I am very pleased with the fact that I managed to learn a lot from the web the last year and a half and also very grateful to all providers of information and ideas.

Today it is actually possible to sit on an island and via the net communicate with the rest of the world. Not entirely virtue free in other words. However, my situation needs an explanation. The way I see it is that my contacts with other people have been destroyed one by one over the years. I am prohibited from forming new contacts. Thus I can't apply for a job. I have formally been made psychotic by the government and relatives although I'm perfectly healthy. Soon two years ago my last person to person contact was destroyed. If I have understood this correctly, this is a premeditated action by people that can use my labor in the "underworld". A world made possible by new technological advances.

My ethics then tell me that I cannot accept the criminal underworld and it is going to be interesting to see what happens when my money runs out, if they do this. The last four years I have been on my own money but criminals continue to affect my body in various ways thus lowering my performance. There is no respect for private property. Nor personal integrity. Morally and ethically I'm quite clean, actually. Hopefully my rationality, indepencence and productivity will be sufficient.

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