There are scientists and there are scientists

Chinese advisor questions target of two degrees - COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009: "Chinese advisor questions target of two degrees ”Unrealistic” that global warming can be kept below two degrees Celsius – a target endorsed by the UN, the G-20 and many others – according to Dai Yande, a key energy scientist in China."

The two-degree target is something many believe in as can be seen for example here in a Swedish EU document. The Chinese warned the EU, in a phone conversation to José Manuel Barroso on Monday November 2, that rich nations bear a heavier burden in the climate change.

Are the rich nations more "guilty" than the developing nations? After all, the developing nations now have access to the modern technologies that has been brought forward. The industrial revolution in Europe and the US took a heavy toll in lives during the 20th century wars that probably came as a result of this development. The developing countries are beneficiaries of this cost. It is true that Communism took a heavy toll on Russia and China but it unfortunately did not create much.

Are there any good news? Well, if we in reality are watching a Natural climate change that Man did not create. No one is guilty.

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