Capitalism not so popular--globally?

Today's DN (not online) have an article that displays data on asking people if they like capitalism. There seems to be discontent. However, there is discontent in the US and the EU on the current direction of the country in quite extensive amounts.

In relation to the fall of the Berlin wall and the crash of the Soviet Union it is not their economy that, at least speaking for myself, I'm content of having lost, it is the control system, the secret police. Pondering what it takes to keep industrious people down.

Then there is the problem of the silent majority. The article claims that "Two out of three asked demanded that the government should distribute the wealth of the nation equally (jämliket)". It was a large study of 30,000 people globally that the BBC had performed.

That argument contains the key to the problem. If not capitalism, there will not be sufficient funds to redistribute. The poll did not seem to have asked in this fashion though.

However, the question is what happens when the world have come up to standard with growth. Growth is already low in the industrial countries and presumably would become lower at the point of full global development. How then should capitalism be modified?

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