Maybe we have to do it in this way in Europe?

John Rawls, Theorist on Justice, Is Dead at 82 - The New York Times: "In later works, Dr. Rawls expanded his arguments to suggest how a pluralistic society can be just to all its members. His idea was that the public could reason things out, provided comprehensive religious or philosophical doctrines are avoided."

There is currently a discussion in Sweden concerning immigration and integration. Some people argue for absolute integration so that pluripotentiality is not created. Some like myself argue that this is not even theoretically possible and that we in Europe already have a distinct pluripotential society with for example all four major monotheistic religions. Rawls is interesting because he is a left leaning person that is markedly individualistic. His ideas should work also in Europe. Otherwise this is of course American pragmatism.

According to the SOM Institute in Sweden 'Justice' as a variable is claimed as 'very important' by 80% even if the trend is that the variable is slowly falling. This justice if of course the justice of the majority and that means that it might be difficult to work out the new justice that is needed to accommodate all kinds of new people with the old. There is also a need for this new justice in trying to accommodate business ventures in countries like Russia and China.

Perhaps this kind of theory could also temper the present environmental hysteria that right now seems to bring down a company on its knees. Vattenfall AB can not do this, nor that, seemingly only renewables that unfortunately are not there yet. It is time for environmentalists to be reasonable since they have enriched the pluripotentiality significantly in Sweden recently.

Rawls' ideas might also be a solution for the least fortunate that currently burn car and schools in society. According to his scheme the lower echelons of society would be better off. I am not arguing for total control of redistribution in society by the state but I can't see why his idea can't be used in a welfare state. Social liberalism as presented is perhaps currently not reasonable enough? Few today talk about justice.

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